Chronos: psychology and pedagogy is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal that publishes articles in the following scientific areas:

  • General psychology and personality psychology
  • Management Psychology and Organizational Psychology
  • Educational and Remedial Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Gender psychology
  • Labor psychology, engineering psychology and ergonomics
  • Political psychology
  • History of psychology
  • Psychological aspects of interethnic and intercultural relations
  • General pedagogy
  • Innovative processes in education
  • Philosophy of modern education.
  • Modern pedagogical technologies and methods
  • Modern technologies in educational science
  • Theory and methodology of additional education
  • Transition to multilevel higher education
  • Management of the higher education system in the context of modernization
  • Family pedagogy and home education
  • Higher vocational school pedagogy
  • Pedagogical psychology

ISSN – 2712-9683
Publisher: Serenity-Group
Publishing address: 117342, Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17B, office 139

Chronos psychology and pedagogy is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Articles from the journal are exported to open repositories of scientific information: eLibrary, Google Scholar, World Cat, Ulrich’s Web, CrossRef, Index Copernicus, Cyberleninka, SJIF factor, Cite Factor
All articles are assigned DOI (Digital object identifier).
We also facilitate publication in international journals indexed in: Scopus, Web of Science. Thomson Reuters, Springer, HAC
The results of research of doctoral students, postgraduates, researchers and university professors are accepted for publication.
Articles are subject to mandatory review by the editorial board and check for plagiarism (using the service
Obligatory delivery of each issue of the magazine to the Information Telegraph Agency of Russia (ITAR-TASS) is carried out.
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