Hadbaatar B., Magsar R.
Mongolian State Pedagogical University (MGPU), School of Education

Abstract. Our research is based on the idea that problem solving is a core activity in the study and teaching of mathematics. The traditional curriculum recommended solving problems in one way with one answer. However, at the present time, they began to talk about the need to learn the skills of solving problems in many ways with many answers and to choose the most rational one. Therefore, as part of the Creative Thinking course, we organized the independent activities of student teachers who think in different ways, and conducted research on the development of their problem solving skills over several semesters of the academic year. As a result, they found their own ways to independently solve problems, and as a result of the interchange of ways to solve problems between students and teachers, they were able to complete 26 variants of the same problem. By this we tried to emphasize the importance of solving problems using different methods.

Keywords: different ways of solving, student-teacher, creative activity

Volume 6, Issue 2(25) p. 26-38 PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2712-9683-25-2-6