THE ESSENCE OF MODERN STATE-OF-THE-ART LANGUAGE AND CITIZENSHIP IN THE REGULATION OF MIGRATION POLICY IN RUSSIA (increased control over dual citizenship and migrants — preventing threats to Russia’s national security)

Fyodor Vasilyev
Combat veteran, doctor of legal sciences, chief researcher of the research center (NIC) and member of the Expert Council of the Academy of Management of the Russian Interior Ministry, a member of the dis. 12.00.14 and 05.13.10 of the Academy of Management of the Russian Interior Ministry, a member of the Russian Professor’s Assembly (RPS)

Abstract. Undoubtedly, the author’s scientific paper should be considered as a fundamental study, given that the analyses are not only legal acts that are directly related to the topic and contemporary problems. Author’s judgments will be demanded not only by legislators, but also by state and other subjects of government (employers). And the author of the rights that the state missed interpretations about citizenship, the elevation of social and legal provisions (guarantees) of Russian citizens who do not seek to have dual citizenship (to swear to serve another Motherland, and to uplift internal values). will not contribute to the development of Russia’s national security in all directions. Indeed, it is imperative to develop legal restrictions against citizens who have not only citizenship (residence permits) of another country, but also those with real estate and accounts in another country.

Keywords: security, citizenship, duty, prohibition, restriction, oath, patriotism, oath, advantage, split personality, elevation of social guarantees, formation.

Volume 6, Issue 1(24) p. 23-30 PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2712-9683-24-1-6