Anashkin Nikita
Sretensky Theological Seminary

Abstract. The relevance of this topic is due to the need to understand the deep determinants of such a central concept for a person at all times as happiness. The human need for happiness is fundamental and is one of his main motives. Existential psychology is a field for research here because of its weighty philosophical, phenomenological support, which determines the qualitative depth of research into the content of a given concept. Christian – because it is based on general psychology, and also unreducedly approaches all dimensions of human nature, including the metaphysical (freedom, love, happiness – all these are concepts that presuppose the presence of a soul, the doctrine of which, with its spiritual dimension, is the center of Christian anthropology). It is also important that the representatives of these directions  took into account and take into account the research of other derivatives of psychology. This circumstance makes it possible to more objectively and fully understand the laws of achieving happiness and its content.

Keywords: happiness, existential psychology, christian psychology, energy, eros.

Volume 6, Issue 2(25) p. 11-16  PDF

DOI: 10.52013/2712-9683-25-2-3